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Sense of Place and Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu

Standing with the crowd

If you have entered the durbar square area from the new-road Salik, stepping over the flagstones gives you the feeling of being there. The traditional architecture of wood and lime relaxes your eyes and soul. But it doesn’t last long. The chaotic crowd and vehicles as comparable with wild left buffaloes and sheep will certainly break the harmony between you and the architecture. May be being there in wrong time is really a bad idea. Sitting on the 5th plinth of Maju dega, you can figure out the whole scenario. Its not silence and peace that you hear but instead the honking and chatters. The slow happening renovation can also be observed. Looking at the people, it’s like every day you are going to see some new unexpected. It will be really hard not only to talk with someone beside but also with your inner soul.

Basantapur in the morning
in the morning facing East
Finely hand Carved windows from wood
Peace rally in basantapur
People gathering during an event
gadii baithak
View to kumari ghar and Gaddi Baithak along with the people.

But the positive note is that you still have the same old skyline with old buildings and neoclassical white washed gaddi baithak facing west that might just be the historical inspiration for the new generations.




the siva parvati temple

Overall being there in a place of serenity at wrong time makes you to describe the right place in a wrong manner all due to our own perception and about the people rather than the art and architecture. You might not enjoy but certainly end up being a critic or else you can describe them blindly through books and get them sold in the web.